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A modern women suspense novel

Modern Women Suspense Novel

Ruth Ann Cullinane was an early student of Tom Williams, U.S. National Book Award Winner in Fiction with —THE HAIR OF HAROLD ROUX. Successive award winners have spoken of his positive influence upon them. He was known as a close observer of people and a marvelous wordsmith.

He told this writer that she was “an author looking for a story.” We think she has found it.

During an interview on PBS, Stephen
King said that Tom Williams had
had a positive impact on his writing.
Imagine my surprise to hear him talk
about Tom Williams, my mentor.

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Caroline was slammed! A police car had nearly run over her. She watched in disbelief as it sped away. This was only one of many inexplicable recent events. Camden Falls was a quiet town, a nice town. She could hardly believe she had nearly been rendered roadkill.

Follow her through numerous encounters as she tries to understand if she has been caught up in a mysterious web.

In an unexpected twist, she finds the answer to her question in a most surprising place.