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A modern women suspense novel

Modern Women Suspense Novel

Ruth Ann Cullinane was an early student of Tom Williams, U.S. National Book Award Winner in Fiction with β€”THE HAIR OF HAROLD ROUX. Successive award winners have spoken of his positive influence upon them. He was known as a close observer of people and a marvelous wordsmith.

He told this writer that she was β€œan author looking for a story.” We think she has found it.

During an interview on PBS, Stephen
King said that Tom Williams had
had a positive impact on his writing.
Imagine my surprise to hear him talk
about Tom Williams, my mentor.

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Caroline was slammed! A police car had nearly run over her. She watched in disbelief as it sped away. This was only one of many inexplicable recent events. Camden Falls was a quiet town, a nice town. She could hardly believe she had nearly been rendered roadkill.

Follow her through numerous encounters as she tries to understand if she has been caught up in a mysterious web.

In an unexpected twist, she finds the answer to her question in a most surprising place.